BMW S1000R Naked Motorbike Review

Published on Sep 10, 2014 by admin

Very few performance bikes give you so much of everything, as the S1000R does. It’s two hugely capable bikes in one: it’s smooth, comfortable and safe, thanks to its flawless electronic rider aids, perfect throttle and usable power, but it’s wild when you want it to be, too. It’s exactly how you’d imagine a superbike with straight bars and no fairing to be. BMW has trimmed the power from the S1000RR’s 193bhp to 160bhp to make it more manageable for the road and the more upright riding position, but you’d never know – it’s nothing short of ballistic, anyway. There are two versions: the S1000R, which is basically a naked RR with two electronic riding modes, basic traction control and ABS. The Sport version is £1400 more expensive, but it’s the one to go for. It’s like a naked HP4, with semi-active electronic suspension, an additional two riding modes, full traction control and lots more goodies.